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Rune Pendant Charms

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Two sided Rune Pendant Charms with a black cord to wear as a necklace. Made in the USA. Each has their own talisman prophecy.

Feoh – Movable wealth or possessions. Power and wealth and the responsibility to manage it wisely.
Ur – Primal power of strength and perseverance. Signifies creative potential and promotion of common good.
As – Indicating the cosmic vibration of creation.
Rad – Transfer of self and energy. It’s the vehicle we use to achieve something. The channeling of energy.
Ken – Living fire of illumination, bright and shining.
Wyn – That elusive state of joy brought by harmony and balance.
Elhaz – Optimistic defense and protection. Represents positive human driving towards the divine.
Sigel – Clear victory in obtaining goals.
Tyr – the Rune of Righteous justice.
Beorc – Signifies new beginnings, rebirth, and growth.
Lagu – Symbolizing the changeable quality of reality, and blossoming life.
Ing – Signifies potential energy to be released in a burst.

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Weight 2 oz
Rune Charms

Feoh, Ur, As, Rad, Ken, Wyn, Elhaz, Sigel, Tyr, Beorc, Lagu, Ing