Trove of Valhalla


Trove of Valhalla

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The Trove of Valhalla – a unique collection of Viking Pendants. Each pendant is packaged with its own chain and information leaflet. It is said that each pendant comes with a blessing! Each blessing is described in the section below. This chain and pendant package would be a great gift to raise someone’s spirits or wish them luck on an upcoming adventure! Prices vary per product design. Produced in lead-free Pewter.

Choose from the following designs:
Row 1
Roving Long Boat – for protection on the sea of life
North Star – for direction & constancy
Northern Knot – for happy love & friendship
Gripping Beast – for regeneration & vitality
Row 2
Nordic Crossle – for purity and spirituality
Thor’s Hammer – for inner strength
Viking Axe – for achievement & victory
Scanda Cross – for love & harmony
Row 3
Web of Wyrd – for development potential
Urnes Snakes – for skill & ingenuity
Dragonhead Boat – for safety on journeys
Sunwheel – for wealth and abundance
Row 4
Viking Hero – for courage & endurance
Wolf Cross – for vitality & success
Wolf Hammer – for strength & virility
Odin’s Mask – for cunning & discretion

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Weight 2 oz
Trove of Valhalla

Roving Long Boat, North Star, Northern Knot, Gripping Beast, Nordic Crossle, Thor's Hammer, Viking Axe, Scanda Cross, Web of Wyrd, Urnes Snake, Dragonhead Boat, Sunwheel, Viking Hero, Wolf Cross, Wolf Hammer, Odin's Mask