Viking Age Home

Come to our museum and look at this accurate model of a Viking Age home.

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Native American Exhibit

Our Native American exhibit has beautiful artifacts from the Dr. Oliver collection of Ojibwe and Dakota items, including ceremonial pipes and outstanding beadwork. This exhibit is fun for all ages, as visitors may examine children’s playthings, tools and garments that were used by local tribes for both daily life and special occasions.




Wildlife diorama

The Wildlife Collection displays a wide variety of animals native to Minnesota.

Wildlife Diorama


Period Room

This exhibit depicts the life of Douglas County residents during the 1900′s -1920′s.

Period Room



Nelson CarriageKnut Nelson’s Carriage

This carriage was used by an Alexandrian who was Minnesota’s Governor and also a US Senator.






Walk Down MainWalk Down Main Street

Take a walk down the old Main Street of Alexandria through the camera lens of Newton Trenham. The photo collection takes you back through the years 1860-1900, the beginning of Alexandria.


Stedjes Family Log home

A large Norwegian immigrant family lived in this small log home in the 1800’s

Stedges Home inside_oil lamp


Moe Township schoolhouse

School- Outside_Inside



Stage StopStagecoach Stop

This stagecoach stop was originally located near Miltona. This was a special place for people to get together for Saturday night dances, as well as pick up the mail.



Blacksmith ShopBlacksmith shop

In the 1800’s, a blacksmith could make and repair many of the iron tools and home accessories people used every day. A good blacksmith had specialized knowledge of metallurgy.





Replica Viking trading ship

The "Snorri" is 40 feet long! Learn about its design, based on an archaeological discovery in Denmark.

Viking Ship